Oncotherm Loco-Regional Hyperthermia (Oncothermia) Treatment

Integrated Health ClinicTM Cancer Care Centre is extremely proud to be the first Cancer Care Centre in Canada to offer Oncothermia as a leading edge, proven treatment option for cancer patients. Oncotherm Loco-Regional Hyperthermia, or Oncothermia, was founded in Europe twenty years ago. Since that time, Oncothermia has been accepted by many oncological practitioners and institutions as a viable and successful treatment option. Presently, Oncothermia is used in 15 countries around the world, and by more than 180 institutions. More than 100,000 Oncothermia treatments are conducted yearly and have delivered remarkable increases in life expectancy and quality of life.


What is Oncothermia treatment?

Oncothermia utilizes heat as a means of therapy, a fundamental practice that has been in use for centuries. Heat can cause considerable damage to living cells, hence the body can only survive for a short time in temperatures in excess of 42°C. However, the destructive force of heat, when applied skillfully, can help to treat cancer. Malignant tumors can be controlled or even recede as a result of targeted Oncothermia.

Oncothermia is a noninvasive and particularly gentle method of treatment. This technology, which is widely used in Europe, several Asian countries, and now Canada has demonstrated positive results. There are numourous studies looking at this form of integrative treatment for many and varied forms of cancer. These studies confirm that Oncothermia enhances the tumor cell-killing effect and delivers local control with survival rate improvements of as much as 200%. Over the past 20 years, Oncothermia as an integrative therapy, has helped to achieve extended life expectancy and improved quality of life for patients with varying cancer types. Oncothermia has helped patients realize diminished pain, enhanced mobility, the retardation of tumour growth and ultimately, tumour size reduction.

How does Oncothermia work?

In Oncothermia, focused and controlled energy is directed straight to the tissue or organ affected by the tumour. Oncothermia is a treatment that employs a capacitive coupled deep hyperthermia device to stimulate energy absorption by malignant cells, and the subsequent heating of tumors to temperatures that drive apoptosis. The proven benefits of this include:


Can Oncothermia be combined with other forms of treatment?

Oncothermia has proven to be complementary to other treatments. In fact, it enhances the beneficial effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Even a tumor which was resistant to chemo and radiation therapy initially, may respond again to these therapies following Oncothermia treatment.

Which cancers can be treated through Oncothermia?

Oncothermia treats the following cancers:


Examples of additional average survival times after Oncothermia treatment, compared to SEER database. (SEER - US National Cancer Agency Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program)

Are there any adverse side-effects to Oncothermia?

Heating the tumour has minimal effect on adjacent healthy tissue; some slight skin reddening can occur. This effect is mitigated through regular patient communication during treatment. Also, the body’s natural circulation is extremely efficient and soon dissipates the heat - something the tumor is not capable of because of its more primitive blood supply.

Cancer patients can now benefit from the historical successes recorded by this treatment here at home, in Fort Langley, British Columbia.

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