Comprehensive Health and Hormone Assessment and Treatment

Let’s CHHAT: An interview with Karen Parmar, ND

CHHAT program for Peri- menopausal and Menopausal Women.

Q: Dr. Parmar, what does CHHAT stand for?
A: CHHAT stands for Comprehensive Health and Hormone Assessment and Treatment program.

Q: Who is this program intended for?
A: This program is targeted for women in the 45-60 year old range. Women who are struggling with health issues and symptoms arising from peri-menopausal / menopausal changes, who are interested in initiating or continuing on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in a safe manner.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about the program?
A: Sure. This is a 6 month intensive program to assess a woman’s current metabolic, cardiovascular, endocrine and nutritional health. The blood work also checks
for increased clotting risks, and hormone levels. The program involves extensive lab testing and then treatment is initiated after the results are back and a full history and physical exam are performed. The program includes 24 hour urine comprehensive hormone testing to confirm that any hormone prescriptions are adequately dosed and metabolizing in the
safest route in the body.

Q: What types of treatments are you speaking of?
A: Patients may be offered suggestions for improving thyroid function, correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies, controlling blood sugars and insulin, and initiating hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Nutriceutical, botanical and pharmaceutical
prescriptions will be recommended based on the lab findings, patient history and examination.

Q: Does this program include other testing outside of blood work?
A: Yes this program is very unique as it includes breast thermography to obtain thermal images of the breasts. A manual breast exam is also preformed with screening bedside sonography (ultrasound). The program also includes an internal pelvic exam with pap, alongside pelvic screening bedside sonography with measurement of ovaries and endometrial lining.

Q: Why do you include the in depth breast and pelvic exams with sonography?
A: I include these in depth examinations for several reasons:

  1. If women are under the age of 50, they have likely not initiated mammograms, and are doing little if anything to assess their breast health.
  2. I believe a multi-modal approach (using many different tools), for breast health monitoring, it is the best way to stay on top of breast changes for women of all ages.
  3. Taking hormones can causes changes and growth to the endometrial layer in the uterus. Preforming an ultrasound when on hormones, or prior to starting, may discover if this is a concern for that woman.

Q: I’ve heard of some women doing intravenous therapy during the program? Is this included?
A: Many women do choose to add on intravenous therapy (IV therapy) during the program. No it is not included, but will be offered as an add on for those women interested in this therapy. IV therapy is a great way to administer high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and hydration to people needing a boost. IV therapy is part of
my monthly maintenance routine, and has been for years.

Q: After the 6 month program is over, can patients continue to see Dr. Karen Parmar?
A: Yes, patients can book appointments to follow up care, on a fee for service basis.
There is also the option of entering into a follow up CHAAT program annually to commit to the same level of assessment and comprehensive healthcare.

Q: Where can people find out more information about this program?
A: Women can go to our website at to learn more about CHHAT (Comprehensive Health and Hormone Assessment and Treatment program). One can also call and speak to a patient care coordinator at

For more information please visit the services page for the CHHAT Program.

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