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Chronic Pain

New or chronic pain keeping you from activity? Do you know about regenerative injection therapies?

Regenerative Medicine, also known as Orthobiologics, uses an injected solution to help promote the body’s innate ability to heal. Injection of growth factors or growth factor stimulants can result in growth of normal cells or tissues, stabilization of joints, and reduction or elimination of pain.  Most importantly, these procedures improve function of your injured or degenerative tendon, ligament, and/or joint!

Here at the Integrated Health Clinic we offer a variety of regenerative injections that could help you in your pain journey, two of which are Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy.

Prolotherapy is a type of regenerative injection therapy (RIT) that stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair chronically damaged ligaments, tendons, or other structures. The treatment involves injecting the injured area with a hypertonic substance that causes a small amount of local tissue irritation or inflammation. This “good inflammation” triggers the body’s natural repair processes to strengthen the existing tissue and to enhance the growth of new tissue/collagen.

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PRP is a well-established injection series and is gaining popularity among high school, collegiate, and professional athletes to more rapidly return them to competition and potentially avoid surgery for certain injuries. Many world-class athletes utilize PRP to treat both acute and chronic injuries with amazing results. In addition, PRP has been found to be beneficial in relieving pain and improving function in people with arthritis. Platelets, a component of blood, are thought to be responsible for the beneficial effect of PRP through the release of various growth factors. These growth factors can aid in the growth of new tissue, new bone, new blood vessels, and many other natural healing properties of your body. PRP involves removing a small amount of your blood and spinning it down with a special centrifuge to concentrate the growth factors, then injecting those back into the area of concern. Here at Integrated Health Clinic we are proud to offer one of the best PRP machines on the market, the Arthrex Angel System which is widely used as the standard in current literature.

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If you want to know if regenerative injections are the right fit for you, book a 30-minute injection consult with one of our doctors and see how we can work together to keep you pain free and discuss all your options.

Note: all injections are under ultrasound guidance.

Dr. Jess Hobson, ND

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