Dr. Kaiden Maxwell brings 20 years of experience to the Fraser Valley.  After starting his private practice in 2001 in San Diego, CA (“MaxWell Chiropractic & Healing”), Dr. Kaiden spent the next 15 years faithfully serving San Diegans with extraordinary chiropractic care. In 2016, He was then recruited to serve at Apple Computers Asia Pacific HQ in Singapore, assuming the role as lead chiropractor and exclusively treating Apple staff onsite at their brand new multidisciplinary Apple Wellness Center. Now a BC resident, Dr. Kaiden is bringing MaxWell Chiropractic & Healing – and the same sought after passion and expertise – to the Fraser Valley.Dr. Kaiden’s other passions include yoga, meditation, sports and music. Away from the clinic, you’ll most likely find him either practicing yoga, meditating, drumming, playing hockey, tennis, or out on the golf course.Dr. Kaiden is also known for his transformational work in energy healing, specializing in a state-of-the-art healing technique known as B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique). Using B.E.S.T., the physical body is brought into a heightened state of integration with the emotional & mental energy fields, synchronizing subconscious & conscious brain activity, and releasing the person from the grip of the past and future.

“Dr. Kaiden is truly the ‘BEST’ chiropractor.  It’s incredible how he sees right through me, to the core of what’s going on.”

  • Paula Shaw, Psychologist Encinitas, CA USA