Fertility Testing

Blood work

We encourage you to bring in copies of blood work, diagnostic imaging, IUI/IVF records, sperm testing, HSG results, etc. to your first appointment. Recent blood work/sperm testing (within 3 months) will be requisitioned if needed. IHC utilizes many different laboratories for blood, urine and saliva testing; our lab testing is not covered by MSP, and it is billed directly to the patient. Most extended health plans cover a portion of lab testing; therefore, we would suggest you check with your extended healthcare provider before booking your appointment.

Fertility Blood Work

Day 2/3 FSH, LH, prolactin, DHEA, testosterone, TSH, free T4, free T3, vitamin B12, ferritin, CBC, and Day 21 progesterone are standard tests required to adequately access basic fertility status. Anti-mullerian hormone may be requested in most women over 35yrs of age. If any lab work ups have been preformed within the last year, please bring in to your visit for the doctor to assess.

Ovulation Tests

Approaching ovulation is measured by serum LH/estradiol, and urine LH. Day 21/22 serum progesterone can be ordered to confirm an ovulatory cycle. Our patients are often instructed on how to use OPK strips to monitor urinary LH at home. This provides valuable information on timing of intercourse, HCG injections, and timing of IUI appointments.

Uterus/Ovary Evaluations

Most fertility patients will undergo screening ultrasounds throughout their cycles to determine uterine shape/size, and to monitor follicle development, ovulation, uterine lining growth, and blood flow to ovaries and uterus. These ultrasounds are conducted in-house by Dr. Karen Parmar, who has completed additional training in gynecological ultrasound. However, Dr. Parmar is not a sonographer or radiologist, and she will not provide diagnostic ultrasounds. Dr. Parmar uses the ultrasound “like a stethoscope, as a medical tool to assess and monitor patients fertility health.” Ultrasounds are usually endo-vaginal, as they provide the best view for follicle measurements and endometrial lining. They do not require a full bladder.

Sperm Testingsqav-sperm-analyzer

Integrated Health Clinic utilizes an in-house health Canada approved SQA-V Gold Sperm Analyzer. The SQA-V is an analytical medical device that performs a complete quantitative evaluation of semen quality and semen parameters in less than 2 minutes. This high performance analyzer incorporates technology in electrooptics, computer algorithms and video microscopy to provide a quick, precise and accurate automated semen analysis.

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