Mistletoe Therapy

Mistletoe plant

Natural Immune Stimulation

Misteloe contains, as an active ingredient, a total fermented aqueous extract prepared using white-berried mistletoe (Viscum album) from different host trees. Through intensive research and clinical experience, various key advantages of Mistletoe treatment have been demonstrated:

  • Improvements in general condition (increase in appetite and weight)
  • Restoration of normal sleep pattern
  • Improvement in general vitality
  • Improvement in mental state (depression, anxiety, courage to face life and take initiative)
  • Improvement in the overall quality of life

In addition, other major effects are:

  • Relief from tumour pain
  • Inhibition of malignant growth without affecting healthy tissue
  • Immunological effect (increase of the body’s own defence system including a reduction in susceptibility to infections)
  • Reducing unwanted side-effects from chemo and radiation therapies
  • Reducing the risk of recurrences and metastases

Clinical Studies: Currently, well over 100 clinical studies have been carried out with regard to the use of mistletoe extracts for treatment of various types of tumours. Mistletoe preparations are thus one of the best and most extensively researched medicines used in complementary cancer treatment. In the final analysis, the studies predominantly indicate that mistletoe therapy is of benefit. The best documented effects are the reduction in the side effects of traditional cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy and an improvement in the quality of life. In some cases, the appearance of metastases can be delayed and survival time can be prolonged.

Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre provides both injection and intravenous Mistletoe therapies administered by our highly qualified laboratory staff with all therapies supervised and monitored by our team of physicians.

For more information regarding the Mistletoe (Helixor) used at Integrated Health Clinic, please download the information document:



For more detailed information regarding Mistletoe Therapy in Cancer, please review the presentation prepared by Dr. Gurdev Parmar ND, Medical Director of the Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre:



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Doctors providing this service

Dr. Gurdev Parmar ND

Dr. Alanna Rinas ND

Dr. Sarah Soles ND

Dr. Eric Boudreau ND

Dr. Erin Rurak ND


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