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Integrated Health Clinic is proud to offer our new Weight Management Program as part of a Live Health Initiative. This program integrates the benefits of working with a trained Naturopathic Doctor (ND), a proven metabolism based nutrition program, scientifically collected health evidence, and emotional support to deliver weight management results. The is a program of innovative nutritional weight loss, aimed at boosting your metabolism. It’s not just another new diet with powders, medication or calorie counting, it optimizes your metabolism, harmonizes your hormone levels and activates your immune system. The result is an ideal body weight while also increasing your sense of well-being.

Following an extensive metabolic analysis your ND will work with you to understand your individual biological, physical and emotional situation, and tailor a program around your specific needs and objectives.

Initial Consultation

The program is offered by our specially trained Naturopathic Doctors (ND). During your initial 60 min consultation, our NDs will conduct a full examination to gain an understanding of the factors which contribute to you achieving your weight loss goals. Understanding your overall state of health, lifestyle practices and dietary habits is pivotal to preparing an effective plan of adjustment.

A Body/Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) will be conducted to determine your body fat percentage. Simply put, body fat scales use the BIA technique to measure body composition by sending a low, safe electrical current through the body. The current passes freely through the fluids contained in muscle tissue, but encounters difficulty/resistance when it passes through fat tissue. This resistance of the fat tissue to the current is termed ‘bioelectrical impedance’, and is accurately measured by body fat scales. When set against a person’s height, gender and weight, the scales can then compute their body fat percentage. A BIA will be conducted 3-times during the program to establish the initial baseline and subsequently monitor progress.

In the final stage of your initial consultation, a blood sample will be drawn and sent to the laboratory for analysis. The lab report will provide results that, in conjunction with the BIA and supporting data concerning eating habits and personal health, will provide extensive metabolic analysis. This will lead to your ND delivering an individualized nutritional plan aimed at optimizing your metabolism and achieving weight loss goals.

Your personal nutritional plan

The personal metabolic characteristics are the basis for your individual nutrition plan. Your ND will review your nutritional plan with you and help you to understand how it is specifically designed to fit the needs of your individual metabolism. Your plan is fundamentally broken down into three (3) phases:

Phase #1 – The preparation phase: this phase takes two days and gently helps the body prepare for the coming metabolism adjustment.

Phase #2 – Metabolic adjustment: this phase takes at least four weeks, during which time the body begins to adjust to the new nutritional regimen. Old eating habits, often consisting of foods that have been blocking your metabolism, will be replaced with new foods that will boost your metabolism.

Phase #3 – Stabilizing phase: this phase takes at least four weeks, during which time your adjusted metabolism is further strengthened leading to a happier, healthier life.

Your unique plan should not be passed on to friends and family as it is tailor-made for you. Your ND will guide you and provide support throughout the various levels of the metabolism program.


Once you have started the program, your ND will schedule regular follow-up consultations/examinations to evaluate your progress and help you stay on target. A second BIA will be conducted during your final consultation to monitor body fat levels and demonstrate the tangible results of your progress.

Emotional Support

The personal metabolic characteristics are the basis for your individual nutrition plan. However, maintaining focus and staying on task is not only a physical challenge but a mental and emotional one as well. Our doctors will work with you to help manage your weight loss goals and will provide you with valuable tools you can use on a daily basis to stay motivated, and ultimately achieve your objective. Individual and group sessions are available to suite your specific needs.

Exercise Guidance

Exercise is a critical component of any weight management program, ours is no exception. The importance of adopting an active lifestyle that includes daily exercise cannot be over emphasized. As part of the your overall plan our NDs will provide you with guidance handouts to assist you in establishing an exercise routine that fits your specific needs. It has been clearly demonstrated that consistent and appropriate exercise (you don’t need to run the New York marathon) in support of your nutritional program, facilitates success.

Typical Schedule

The following represents a typical weight management program schedule:

  • Appointment 1 in Week-1: Initial Consultation (60 min)
  • Appointment 2 in Week-1: Body Impedance Analysis (BIA) & Lab Work
  • Appointment 3 in Week-3: Phase #1-Preparation Phase – Consultation (30 min) & Nutrition Plan Review
  • Appointment 4 in Week-7: Phase #2-Metabolic Adjustment – Consultation (30 min) & Body Impedance Analysis (BIA)
  • Appointment 5 in Week-11: Phase #3-Stabilizing – Consultation (30 min) & Body Impedance Analysis (BIA)
  • Appointment 6 Scheduled at patient & ND discretion: Weight Management Counselling

Integrated Health Clinic and you can work to generate a science based nutritional plan that offers the level of individualized focus and qualified support that will deliver sustainable results… results you can be proud of.

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