Patient Focused, Results Drive


Working with you to understand, educate and guide.  Our Doctors are her to evaluate you circumstance and help you make an informed decision regarding your way ahead.

Helping you find your way


Once a person has come to terms with the impact of a cancer diagnosis, their path to care begins with investigation into the options for treatment and options for facilities offering that treatment. More often than not people turn to the web for information and are soon overwhelmed with the breadth and scope of data thrown their way. On this page of our IHC website we endeavour to simplify this experience for you.

Understanding your current health condition and having a keen understanding of the treatments being recommended empowers patients to make informed decisions right for their particular needs.



The Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Doctors will review your medical history in significant detail to gain a thorough understanding of clinical circumstances leading to your consultation.


The Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Doctors will work to understand your current challenges, and assess your physical and mental status.


At the Integrated Health Clinic, will prepare concise recommendations for an appropriate course of care that leverages the inherent benefits of both standard of care protocols and naturopathic therapies.


It is the objective of every Doctor at the Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre to inform and educate patients on the factors that influence their health care decision making.  We appreciate your situation and the depth and breadth of information you are being overwhelmed with following a cancer diagnosis.  Let us help you sift through that information and glean an understanding specific to your individual circumstance.

New Cancer Patient Intake Process


Step #1

During your phone inquiry or in response to your email inquiry, you will be asked to provide the following documentation in advance of your new patient consultation. Ideally, we ask that this be provided via fax, scan to email, or in person prior to the day of the consultation.

  • New Patient Intake Form. The new patient intake form is accessible via the following link. New Patient Intake Form Please download and complete. Ideally, we ask that this be provided via fax, scan to email, or in person prior to the day of the consultation.
  • Most recent We would like to have your most recent blood work results as part of assessing your overall health.
  • Diagnostic Imaging Reports. We would like to have your most recent diagnostic imaging reports (CT, MRi, PET, Ultrasound).
  • Doctors Oncology Notes. We would like to have your GP, Medically Oncologist, Radiation Oncologis and/or Surgeon reports for review.
  • Report of Pathology. We would like to have your original report of pathology (biopsy).

ARRIVAL at the Clinic

Step #2

Integrated Health Clinic is located at 23242 Mavis Avenue, 2nd floor, Fort Langley BC.

Parking is available behind the building or along Mavis street.

  • Arrival: Upon arrival, please proceed to the 2nd floor via the elevator or stairs. Report to the main reception desk or cancer care reception.
  • Arrival Briefing: You will be greeted by one of our patient care coordinators, shown the location of the main seating areas and washrooms, and offered a cup of tea or water.
  • New Patient Package: You will be provided with a new patient package that contains information about the clinic, including descriptions of various treatments and supplements that may be prescribed.
  • Quality of Life Questionnaire. The meQ is our medical device (electronic tablet) questionnaire that we use to record and track quality of life information. You will be asked to complete a series of cancer specific questions used to assess your symptoms and establish a QoL baseline. You will be asked to redue the questionnaire at appropriate intervals during your future visits to the clinic to provide points of comparison for assessing treatment response.
  • Report of Pathology. We would like to have your original report of pathology (biopsy).


Step #3

Our objective is to educate patients and empower them to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

The new patient consultation is about establishing a doctor-patient relationship and developing a complete understanding of an individuals healthcare objectives. We will:

  • Review Diagnosis & Medical History to gain valuable insight into the circumstances leading to your diagnosis and current condition.
  • Evaluate Current Health Condition: It is critical that we have a complete picture of your current condition in order to provide responsible recommendations.
  • Conduct Physical Examination A physical examination is an importance part of your health assessment and provides information that may otherwise not be obvious.
  • Provide Concise Recommendations: Following a detail review of all information and our Doctors will provide recommendations for Testing, Treatment and Care deemed appropriate to your particular needs and objectives.
  • Report of Pathology. We would like to have your original report of pathology (biopsy).


Step #4

Following your Doctor consultation, you will be provided with an opportunity to meet with our Clinic Managing Director to review your prescribed care program. Our objective here is to ensure you have all the information and support you need to make an informed decision regarding all recommendations for care.

  • Address Questions
  • Review Prescribed Therapies
  • Review Scheduling Options
  • Provide Support Where Needed