Layering the benefits of naturopathic and conventional therapies.


Working with you to understand, educate and guide.  Our Doctors are here to evaluate your individual circumstance and guide you toward making an informed decision regarding your way ahead, thus empowering you to integrate therapies, like loco regional hyperthermia, that work best for you.

Evidence informed & guided medicine.


Treatment by acupuncture

Acupuncture – Cancer

Integrative Care

Fighting Cancer with Nutrition - Immunotherapy

Dietary Counselling-Cancer

Integrative Care

Immune System Support - Cancer

Immune System Support-Cancer

Integrative Care

Ia physician loading a syringe with B12 for injection therapy.

Injection Therapy

Integrative Care

Ozone & UBI Therapy

Ozone & Oxidative Therapy

Acute & Chronic Illness / Integrative Care

Targeted supplementation

Targeted Supplementation

Integrative Care