IHC Webinars


Insulin Resistance

Wednesday, June 26th

Thriving After Breast Cancer- What’s Next?

Cancer prevention

Wednesday, May 22nd

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Lipid Testing for Cardiovascular Risk Prediction

Blood vessels

Wednesday, May 1st

Why am I so tired all the time? Discover the Root Causes of Your Fatigue

Wednesday, March 20th

Safe Solutions for Treating: Bladder Leakage, Painful Intercourse, Sexual Health & Prolapses

Light Bladder Leakage

Wednesday, February 21st

The Menopause Transition with Dr. Erin Rurak, ND

Comprehensive Health and Hormone Assessment and Treatment

Wednesday, May 22nd

Addressing Infertility with Dr. Karen Parmar, ND

Wednesday, December 13th

Explore Solutions for Upper Extremity Pain: A Webinar on the Top 5 Causes and Therapeutic Options

Wednesday, November 15th

Discover Pain Relief & Peak Performance - Part 2: Exploring Injection Options for Osteoarthritis

Wednesday, October 18th

Discover Pain Relief and Peak Performance - Dr. Jess Hobson

Pain Management

Wednesday, January 24th

Cancer Screening & Prevention Strategies - Dr. Gurdev Parmar

Cancer prevention

Wednesday, June 15th

May, 2023 - Menopausal Hormone Therapy - Dr. Alanna Rinas

Wednesday, May 3rd

April, 2023 - The Menopause Transition - Dr. Erin Rurak

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