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Kevin A.Loved One
Integrated Oncology and Hope I have been accompanying a good friend to hyperthermia treatments for three and a half years. I am not related and my role has just been supportive. During the journey my friend has been on in his fight with cancer I’ve had the privilege of observing him in the various stages of his treatments and watch his responses, both physically and emotionally. I have accompanied him to doctor’s visits. There have been ups and downs. It is evident that the treatment he is receiving is valuable. We are now years down the road when the prognosis was only months to live. And I see three components to that treatment: medical, naturopathic, and hope. It is evident to me through my friend’s life, and also through the expressions of other patients we have talked to in the clinic, that hope is a significant factor in the battle against cancer. The medical system itself offers little to none, and that causes such an internal struggle for cancer patients. But our experience with Dr. Parmar has been such the opposite – Dr. Parmar is a dispenser of hope. Without articulating that point, I have repeatedly seen my friend respond so positively. There have been times when test results weren’t the most encouraging, but there was still hope. It seems with hope that treatment results and quality of life have improved time and again. Hope may not be a quantifiable ingredient in cancer care, but it is powerful and real. It is part of the person that Dr. Parmar is. Kevin A.
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Ray K.Bile Duct Cancer patinet
My daughter heard about your clinic when she was visiting her in-laws in Manitoba. A lady who was visiting the in-laws started talking about the great results a friend's husband had after being treated for cancer by Integrated Health Clinic in Ft Langley, BC. She contacted the lady whose husband had been treated and gave the phone to my daughter. My daughter talked to this lady for over an hour regarding the treatment her husband had received, who incidentally was outside mowing the lawn. His prognosis for survival had not been good, yet after treatment he was doing everything. My daughter indicated this was an answer to prayer and recommended we try your clinic. We made a phone call and set up a phone appointment with Dr. Parmar via Skype. We were very impressed with Dr Parmar and what he had to say. We felt this is where God was leading us and we set up our first appointment at Integrated Health. My life has been fairly normal, I feel great and am doing virtually everything I was doing before. I am taking vitamins and doing Vitamin infusions and Mistletoe shots at the present time. I have not had any pain or suffered any hair loss. Initially I had lost 30 pounds (due to the surgery) however, I have regained a portion of that weight. I still get CTScans every three or two months at the Cancer clinic in Calgary. I am presently wanting for a CTScan results to determine if any further treatment is required. The treatment I received at Integrated Health Clinic was professional and a very uplifting experience, with the doctors and staff being very positive and helpful at all times. The Radio Waves Treatment (Local Regional Hypothermia) and the Full Body Heat Treatment was administered very professionally and I was impressed with the staff's attention to detail and patient comfort during the treatment process. I would recommend the clinic to relatives and friends for natureopathic treatments. The clinic is a very friendly and cheery place. You are cared for as a person, you are treated with respect and compassion. You are not just a number, you are treated as a person who they deeply care about. Follow the Drs instructions to a T, its not always easy, but worth it. The treatments are not covered by Provincial Health Insurance and clients should be made aware of this up front.
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Adil K.Renal (Kidney) Cancer patient
While researching Hyperthermia, as a possible treatment modality, for my metastasized kidney cancer, I found out that we had an established treatment facility, right here in Canada. After comparing costs for similar treatments in Europe, and elsewhere, I came to the conclusion that the Integrated Health Clinic would be much more economical, and a lot more convenient, for my needs. Mark, at the clinic, was very professional, and thorough, with his information, both over the ‘phone, and in our e-mail correspondence. So, I booked a Skype appointment, with Dr. Gurdev Parmar, in order to discuss my case. A few minutes, into my appointment, I realized that Dr. Parmar was very knowledgeable and quite compassionate. He suggested that I might benefit from the DCA protocol, including loco-regional and whole-body Hyperthermia. Based on this conversation, I decided to make the trip, to Fort Langley, BC, with my family, in July of 2014. I expected the clinic to be professional; what I did not expect was the warmth and the welcome that I received – it was akin to being amongst close family members, who cared, deeply, about my welfare. The kindness that I received from each and every person that I encountered at the clinic – from the primary care staff… to the medical technicians… to the receptionists… and even the staff at the Seasons juice-bar – was nothing short of exceptional. Even the staff, with whom I didn’t get a chance to speak with, or whose name I didn’t get to learn, had a kind smile for me, whenever they saw me – I was genuinely sad to leave all those people behind, at the end of my treatment period! The treatment, itself, was as thorough as I could expect. At each step, Dr. Parmar, and his staff, would ensure that I was comfortable and that I was tolerating the treatment, well. Their attitude was positive and they concentrated on my quality-of-life. Even for aspects of my treatment protocol that were physically uncomfortable e.g. the Whole-Body-Hyperthermia-Treatment, the kindness of the staff, and their care, above and beyond the call-of-duty, made it much easier to get through. Since my treatment, at the Integrated Health Clinic, I have, periodically, kept in touch with the clinic, updating Dr. Parmar of my progress and asking for his advice, as I go along this cancer journey. Previous to my treatment, my prognosis was quite poor. At my last appointment, at my local Cancer Centre, my regular oncologist commented that my tumours appeared stable and that ‘I should continue doing whatever I had been doing.’ I think that anyone who has been on a cancer journey, like mine, understands that there are no 100% guarantees. However, my experience at the Integrated Health Clinic left me with a renewed confidence, to look at my situation, a lot more positively. I feel as ‘though I now approach each day with a lot more hope and purpose. Over the past year, I have recommended the treatment at the Integrated Health Clinic, to friends, family members and acquaintances… anyone I knew who might be on their own cancer journey. I will repeat what I told them: ‘I give the Integrated Health Clinic my highest recommendation.
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Chiquita H.Breast Cancer patient
My experiences with Dr Parmar and the Integrated Health Clinic started August 2011 and continue to this day. I was diagnosed with R Breast Cancer June of that year and was prescribed by BC Cancer to have chemotherapy and radiation along with a partial mastectomy. Every ounce of My Being refused to move forward with the radiation but I was open to perhaps the chemotherapy. I did agree to the partial mastectomy although I did suggest a double mastectomy to my surgeon but he felt at that time it was unnecessary. (This was necessary April 2014). I felt that there should be ‘more’ offered as the prescribed treatment plan was offered and unsuccessful for my Mother, Aunt, Sister and Uncle. My grandmother was also diagnosed with breast cancer but chose a mastectomy without treatment due to her age. None the less, I felt that since my family members all chose to follow the conventional medicine path offered through BC Cancer without ‘quality of life that eventually led to early death that I needed to look for more options. With my education in Alternative/Traditional Health I knew how to research Alternative/Traditional including Naturopathic Health and came across Dr Parmar’s website. Once I called I had an appointment within a week and so my path began.. The treatment plan Dr Parmar suggested ‘felt right’ and was a path I was comfortable with embarking on. It included Loco-Oncothermia and later Full Body Oncothermia, DCA, IV Vitamin C, Injectable Mistletoe, plus a variety of vitamins/minerals. We worked my treatment/therapy program hand in hand with what I was doing with my conventional Oncologist with BC Cancer. Late last year I was diagnosed with a very rare genetic syndrome and Dr Parmar was very respectful with my knowledge of this condition and was ready and willing to listen and do all in his power to help. Dr Parmar was always available to share his wealth of knowledge/education without Ego getting in the way (sadly other Dr’s do not hear their patients and this becomes an issue) I am most happy to continue my journey with cancer with Dr Parmar. Now Dr Parmar included, let’s talk about his amazing staff… Some of my treatments have been a challenge and not once was I left to manage my stress alone. The love, care and respect from these caring individuals have immensely helped me on this journey. At times, once away from the clinic emotions or questions would arise and I would call/email the clinic to always be spoken to with respect and if the answer could not be answered immediately a response would always follow in a timely manner. Integrated Health Clinic and Dr Parmar is synonymous with Advanced Cancer treatment, (including other care modalities), state of the art equipment with the Oncothermia ‘beds’, highly trained and respected Doctors, Practitioners and Staff. I’ve referred many individuals to this clinic as it’s a place I believe offers great care and the ability to ‘heal’, reverse/stall, and challenge one’s path with cancer and other malady’s. “The body’s sole purpose in life is to find Homeostasis/Balance” with the right tools and Team we have a choice in life as to how to we find it. I hope and believe this type of treatment plan will become ‘main stream’ and offered as a choice along with the treatments of BC Cancer. At this time it is not fully covered and then becomes a life choice to find the finances to pursue, not everyone has this option and therefore loses the right to ‘a well-rounded care plan’ to complement what conventional health offers. My opinion is that we are losing too many lives as Integrated Health is not included in main stream options. With Respect and Good Health;
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Joanne F.Ovarian Cancer patient
When Integrated Health Clinic was first recommended to me in July 2014, I was very ill and unsure of how to continue to fight my stage four cancer. I have ovarian cancer and it had metastasized to my brain. A few months before, a large tumor had been surgically removed from the lower right hemisphere of my brain. MRIs showed that other, inoperable tumors were growing and the surgery had seeded the cancer into my spine. Two oncologists recommended a second round of chemotherapy. I was in a painful, uncertain place. At my first appointment with Dr Parmar, he asked a lot of questions and then gave me recommendations (supported by written material with in-depth information) about nutrition and supplements, as well as information on treatments available at the Clinic. There was no pressure, just advice, support, kindness and hope. I took advantage of this advice, started the supplements, learned how to inject myself with Mistletoe, began having Intravenous Vitamin C treatments as well as Localized Heat Treatments. The professionalism, knowledge, kindness, respect and support from all the members of staff at the clinic (that I have both experienced personally and observed towards all patients) has been and continues to be exceptional. I really like and trust all the staff, some who have become dear friends. The fortunate thing is that my health has improved remarkably. I am so grateful to Integrated Health Clinic for the gift of their knowledge, kindness, treatments and care. I know they played a large part in giving me back my life.
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Waldemar E.Colorectal Cancer patient
When I was confirmed to have my 2nd cancerous tumor I began to look around for another opinion to solve my problem with another solution than an operation. So when I was at a Health food store I inquired about Health Care practitioners in the area. They gave me a business card that identified the Integrated Health clinic in Fort Langley. So in time I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Parmar to seek another opinion and his recommendation. Dr. Parmar immediately took a vital interest in me and suggested some treatments that would help me right away even if I decided to have the operation. After having done a lot of research and read books about cancer I decided to have the operation. The Surgeon I chose was very accommodating and explained to me the procedure and the choice I wanted. Today at 80 yrs I feel well again and lead a normal life. Thanks to the Surgeon and Dr. Parmar for their help in my wellness. I must say that the staff at Integrated Health Clinic are the most friendly I have encountered anywhere. My sincere thanks to all. Respectfully

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