RenovaLase - Vaginal Atrophy

Alleviate Vaginal Atrophy (Dryness)


Vaginal Atrophy is when the vaginal walls become very thin. This will cause tearing & pain with intercourse & day to day discomfort (like dryness, itching & irritation). The most common cause is low estrogen. Vaginal Atrophy can affect women of any age – but is extremely common in any woman put on an Estrogen Blocking Drug – due to Hormonal Cancers, such as Breast Cancer. It is also very common in Menopausal Women.
Renovalase is a Vaginal Dynamis Laser Therapy that has been clinically proven to eliminate the need for long-term estrogen administration. It is also safe & effective in women who currently have Breast Cancer.
RenovaLase is a non- ablative photo thermal treatment of the vaginal canal which stimulates the fibroblasts to thicken the vaginal mucosa, in addition to increasing the collagen (stretch & strength) and vascularization (blood flow) to the vaginal wall.

For best results 2-3 treatments are necessary.

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