Bedside Sonography at IHC Cancer Centre

Sonography (Ultrasound) uses sound waves to create images that can assist physicians in making clinical assessments. Bedside sonography, as the name suggests, is sonography done bedside in the physician’s exam room. This allows the physician to gather important clinical information to answer specific questions in real time.

Bedside sonography (ultrasound) is not a replacement for sonographic studies performed by radiologists or cardiologists. It can, however, play an important role in understanding if there has been any progression or regression of disease for patients undergoing active treatment.

As the Oncology Resident at IHC, for the first time in my clinical history, I have been exposed to bedside sonography when treating and managing cancer patients. I feel this assessment tool enables the Cancer Care Centre at IHC to provide their patients with an elevated level of care during their visits. We are able to closely monitor anatomy, including solid tumour masses, from visit to visit. This visual perspective gives additional information considered important when assessing a patient’s response to their current treatment plan. Having this tool at our finger-tips elevates the level of care we provide and enhances the patient experience by giving us relevant and timely information that empowers patients to make informed decisions.

Of course, bedside sonography is not the answer on its own. However, I believe bedside sonography leads to better clinical decision-making and is an important modern tool in the hands of a trained physician. Working alongside and training with Dr. Gurdev Parmar, I have personally seen it contribute to improved patient care at IHC.

To find out more information about the bedside sonography, please feel free to give us a call at 604-888-8325.

Note: Dr. Gurdev Parmar ND has completed formal training in the use of bedside sonography and utilizes the GE Voluson E6 ultrasound device at the IHC Cancer Care Centre.GE_Voluson_E6

By. Dr. Ritu Jhaj, ND

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