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Cancer Survivorship Program – iThrive

My active treatment of cancer is over…now what? The chaos of chemotherapy or radiation visits is in the rear-view mirror and, after the initial enjoyment of the increased free time and lack of doctor appointments, you may feel a bit set adrift. This is when a cancer survivorship program is extra important in answering the “now what” question and providing you focus on your health and wellness goals.

At the Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre we are very excited to be offering a complementary cancer survivorship program service to our patients that will help you stay connected and engaged… iTHRIVE.

iTHRIVE is a highly personalized, scientifically-validated and motivational Survivorship Program. In addition to helping you establish and maintain focus, your use of the iTHRIVE plan will help us stay connected with you every step of the way as you work toward long term wellness. It is administered via an online tool that is very easy to set up and use. It takes about 10 minutes to complete an online survey, and then Action Steps are suggested that are tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths report shows your disposition in five key areas of diet, movement, environment, rejuvenation and spirit.

Action Steps are like pieces of your wellness puzzle. Each one is broken down into five activities that help you build healthy habits in small, significant steps. You are given the choice among many options so that you can tailor your plan with the Action Steps that specifically speak to you. Each Action Step recommendation is also accompanied by scientifically validated references so that you can be assured of the clinical benefit, and better understand the driving force behind the recommendations. As you complete Action Steps, the picture of your health will become clearer!

For more information about the iTHRIVE cancer survivorship program, or to receive your signup information, please contact the IHC Cancer Care Centre receptionist via email at or phone at 604-888-8325, option #1.

You can also explore more details via the following link:


We look forward to continuing to support you through this empowering and exciting phase of your wellness journey.

Lindsay Adrian, BSc., ND

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