Craniosacral therapy

Does Happy = Healthy?

CranioSacral Therapy

Does Happy = Healthy?
One of the reasons I was most drawn to Naturopathic Medicine was the promise of connecting the mind and body. However, in reality there are often so many physical health issues to deal with that ND’s sometimes don’t address emotional issues as often or to the depth that we’d like.
If you feel like the “mind” aspect of your health needs a tune up I would like to suggest that you come in and try a session of CranioSacral Therapy. This technique provides a way of listening to your body to determine where you stockpile stress, tension, grief and more. With a little more insight on how you handle difficult emotions, it’s much easier to make a game plan for resolution and letting go.
After a CranioSacral session, you will get some homework to start to shift your perspective on the stressor you are facing. Additionally, I may choose nutrients and herbs that support the stress points in your body.
So, does happy = healthy? Yes, in many measureable ways it does. Isn’t it time that you did a little happiness work to compliment your health plan?

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Nicole Duffee, ND

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