Fertility Matters 6K

Fertility Matters 6K

Fertility Matters 6K Fundraising Campaign

Dr. Karen Parmar, ND – Integrated Health Clinic® is participating in the inaugural “Fertility Matters 6K”. This is a national event kicking off October 15th, on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day and running through October 17th. The 6K distance was strategically chosen to represent the six million Canadians who are affected by fertility challenges. All proceeds go towards Fertility Matters Canada’s new national fertility advocacy strategy aimed at achieving equitable access to fertility care across all provinces.

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Fertility awareness

Only five Canadian provinces provide some sort of public funding for fertility care. In every instance, patients must cover significant costs out of pocket.

Fertility Matters Canada believes everyone should have adequate access to care and have begun working with stakeholders across Canada to advocate for equitable opportunities for fertility treatments.

The accompanying social campaign, “I AM”, is designed to prompt participants to share via social media why they are supporting the cause. Whether it is “I am running to honour the baby I carried and lost at 12 weeks” or “I am donating to support my daughter and her partner as they continue their journey to parenthood,” this event will bring together everyone affected by fertility challenges in a meaningful way.


“I am running this 6K to raise awareness about the the lack of provincial funding and support for all of my past, current and future patients struggling to conceive.” Karen Parmar ND

Here’s the link: CLICK HERE TO DONATE