Have Fun While Healing!

Have a Little Fun While Healing

How can you channel more joy into your health?  In the current problem-based health care model – we seek out problems and then try to solve them.  And yet, how many of you have had the experience that when you seek out healthy habits, some problems just solve themselves? All without that problem ever being diagnosed. For example, you resolve to take a 15-minute walk in nature every day and over the next 3 months your joints are much less stiff. True – they may have been stiff for a lot of reasons, but all those reasons seem insignificant when you feel better. You liberate so much energy.

I like to think of these basic habits as a great screening process for the significant issues. What remains is the stuff we can help you with. We are here to give you lots of functional testing options, and nature-based solutions. Or even unique prescriptions if needed. You’re still suffering from the effects of stress?  Well, we can help you figure out your stress hormones are on full tilt or if they’ve trickled to a burnt-out halt (DUTCH test if you’re wondering). We can help you figure out if you’re not sleeping because your stress hormones are too high at night, or if it’s because your overall inflammation levels are too high (DUTCH test and CRP if you’re wondering). We can be a sounding board for all your dietary questions and guide you through processes to observe for yourself what’s going on when you eat a baguette vs. a smoothie (Tip-off – the smoothie results might surprise you and I’m talking about a continuous glucose monitor like FreeStyle Libre 2).

Keep smiling, keep striving and for all the rest, we’ve got you.

Still fueled by curiosity and optimism,

Dr. Nicole Duffee, ND