Iron Infusions

Iron Infusions

Do you have chronically low iron and oral supplementation just does not seem to work? Are you pregnant and struggling with fatigue and low iron? Or do you have surgery coming up and want to heal well afterwards? If you answered yes to any of these questions then an iron infusion might be just what you need. An iron infusion is when iron is put into an IV bag and infused into the blood stream to bring relief from low iron and raise iron levels quickly. The dose of iron is personalized based on your unique bloodwork and there are even iron IVs that are safe in pregnancy.

Iron is a critical micronutrient in the body. It is used to carry oxygen around the body for energy. Low levels can cause a wide range of symptoms from fatigue and hairloss, to restless legs, shortness of breath and anxiety. Getting iron stores tested through bloodwork is fairly common, but you can have low levels of iron even when your levels come back in the normal range and even if you have been told your iron is fine.

Iron deficiency is a very common problem for lots of people especially people that menstruate. For many, oral iron either is not tolerated (commonly causes constipation or nausea) or it is not effective for raising their iron (ferritin) levels. Often even if oral iron does raise iron levels it is pretty slow and then any symptoms related to the low iron can linger for a long time. In situations like these it can be helpful to get an iron infusion or iron IV.

There are also times you may want to optimize your iron levels. Before or after surgery can be times you may want to optimize iron levels to ensure good healing. When iron is low both immune function and ability to heal tissue is diminished. Also, during pregnancy having optimal iron levels can make a big difference in the physical and mental health of the mom and baby during and after delivery.

With iron infusions the symptoms related to low iron can start to improve within 4 days of getting the IV. It can take several months to see the full benefits but often within 3-months iron levels are much improved and iron related symptoms are much improved if not gone. Most IVs can be completed in an hour or so in our IV suite. Many people with extended health can get full or partial coverage for the procedure depending on your plan.

Our IV suite typically offers iron infusions 4 days per week and even some Saturdays. The first step would be to meet with one of our Naturopathic doctors for an iron IV screen to see if you are a candidate for an iron IV or to start the process of finding out through blood work.

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Dr. Alyssa Fruson, ND