Lightheadedness- a surprisingly common problem!

Have you ever stood up too quickly and felt as if you might pass out?  The truth is, this is a symptom that I hear reported all the time.  There are many reasons for lightheadedness.  Some of the big ones are: iron deficiency and low blood pressure.

 So, let’s take a look at iron deficiency.  What do I mean by this?  NO – I’m not talking about the “A” for abnormal or out-of-range on your lab test – this usually refers to a value of ferritin less than 15.  I’m talking about a ferritin value of 70 or lower along with symptoms of iron deficiency.  A number + a person = the experience of iron deficiency.  If this is you, iron therapy is a really great topic to start with on your next naturopathic visit.  Hint: iron is best taken every OTHER day!  

 PMID: 31413088,is%20given%20on%20alternate%20days.

 The next possible issue- low blood pressure. This is a diagnosis that warrants further investigation.  If you’re wondering if your stress might be related to low blood pressure, YES it often is.  Stress is a pretty vague word, but it can be measured.  Two of my favourite stress tests are adrenal hormone tests: the Adrenal Stress Index (saliva) by Diagnostechs and DUTCH Adrenal (or Complete which includes adrenal) by Precision Analytical.  Either of these can help you get to the bottom of your lightheadedness and correcting low functioning adrenal glands will help you to get your feet back on the ground.

Don’t suffer through it, let your Naturopathic doctor know how you feel and get some relief from those lightheaded moments.  

Dr. Nicole Duffee, ND

Integrated Health Clinic
Clinic number: 604-888-8325

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