Residency training in naturopathic oncology

OncANP 2018 Meeting

As useful as the information from the speakers at the OncANP 2018 meeting might prove to be in practice, what was more interesting was the range of projects that association members are moving forward on. Drs. Gurdev Parmar, Chad Aschtgen and Michael Traub have created a manual for residency training in naturopathic oncology. They have successfully created systems in their own practices that bring new doctors in and train them up to be full-time associates. Practicing naturopathic oncology has grown into such a specialty with such a complex field of knowledge that many believe residency training is needed for a practitioner to practice naturopathic oncology effectively and safely. Providing opportunities for this sort of training is crucial as the prevalence of cancer increases. Increasing quantity and quality of residencies is fast becoming the most important thing our association can do.

Please click here to view the complete article, OncANP 2018: Capable Hands. Download

Please click here to meet our current resident, Dr. Sarah Soles ND.

Please contact the IHC Cancer Care Centre receptionist via email at or phone at 604-888-8325, option #1.

Jacob Schor, ND

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