Pre-Natal Care

Pregnancy Preparation

Prepping your body for pregnancy is a great idea, ideally starting at least 3 months before trying to conceive. My first suggestion for prepping for pregnancy and helping to get pregnant, is to start on my 4 prenatal basics. I typically suggest these 4 Basics are taken while trying to conceive, while pregnant and even through breastfeeding. You may need some of them even longer depending on certain factors. Here they are:

1. A good quality prenatal vitamin – sorry everyone but a big box, one a day, white tablet prenatal is not good quality. It is low quality, low potency and does not have some of the important ingredients in it. I have a picture of a few good professional brands above. You NEED to make sure your prenatal has ACTIVE folate in it (usually listed at 5-methyltetrahydrofolate) – this helps prevent miscarriage in up to 60% of people just on its own!

2. A good quality fish oil. Again, I’m sorry but big box fish oils are not generally good quality. It needs to be third party tested for heavy metals, other toxins, and should not taste fishy or cause fishy burps. Also, once you open it, put it in the fridge! Research supports a balanced EPA/DHA, so getting a high DHA prenatal specific fish oil is not necessary and usually costs more just due to branding. See above for some good brands.

3. Vitamin D! So important now more than ever. Outside helping with the immune system, mood and bone health – vitamin D3 deficiency is also associated with higher rates of PCOS and uterine fibroids. I find liquids are the most cost effective. 

4. A great probiotic! If it’s not stored in the fridge at the store it is probably not great quality. This is important for helping to decrease the chances of childhood eczema and allergies when taken during pregnancy and lactation. It can also help create a balanced vaginal flora to help avoid group B strep closer to delivery.

As always make sure to check with a Naturopathic Doctor before starting new supplements to make sure they are indicated and safe for you.

Dr. Alyssa Fruson, ND

Integrated Health Clinic
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