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Bounce Back Faster This Cold & Flu Season with Vitamin C

Sometimes, even your best efforts can’t keep a nasty cold or flu away. And once it hits, your entire life revolves around the miserable cycle of dragging through the day and tossing and turning at night. Fortunately, there’s a fast, effective way to put an end to the seemingly endless bouts of sniffling and coughing: Bounce back faster this cold & flu season with vitamin C. This powerful nutrient has been clinically-proven to help shorten the duration of seasonal cold or flu, boosting white blood cell counts and improving immune function. It also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and can improve the low energy and depressed mood often accompanying sickness.

Want to really ramp up the support? Consider IV therapy. High dose vitamin C delivered intravenously allows for blood levels that are seventy-times greater than those possible through oral supplementation. While more is not always better in the area of health and supplementation, in this case it truly is, with studies showing that vitamin C exhibits greater immune benefits when given at higher doses. In addition, I.V. vitamin C also lacks the side effects of diarrhea and heartburn often seen with taking large oral doses, making it both a more tolerable, and more effective, option.

Enhancing the immune benefits of an IV vitamin C treatment are the addition of other nutrients such as B vitamins (needed for energy production), and zinc (a mineral with strong anti-viral properties) which, like vitamin C, are quickly absorbed into the tissues via the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract and liver.

Feeling the weight of a cold or flu starting to drag you down? Feel strong, healthy and energized again with the help of I.V. vitamin C.

For more information about how to shorten your cold or flu recovery time, such as Immune Max IV or Cold & Flu Buster IV, or to make an appointment or book an I.V. , please call 604-888-8325.

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By. Dr. Sarah Sjovold, ND

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