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Heart Disease Prevention for Type 2 Diabetes

If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, you’ve likely started making healthier choices in your diet and exercise patterns to reverse its impact.

Here are 2 supportive options to help protect your heart and cardiovascular system.

#1: Continuous glucose monitor – 10-14 days

Have you wondered how your diet is actually working for YOUR unique body?  Does sweet potato spike your blood glucose?  Are you getting hypoglycemic headaches?  Dietary theories are rampant – but how do you know which rules apply to you?  The very best way I’ve found to bust through the confusion is to wear a continuous glucose monitor.  The sensor device is worn for 10-14 days (or longer with replacements) and so that you can see with your own eyes how your sugars are being affected.  Did you know stress can spike your blood sugar?  Yes – those spikes in times between meals are likely stress-homone (cortisol) related.  I like to phase the sensor like this:

Part 1: OBSERVATION:  What foods/exercise/stress increases/decreases my sugars?

Part 2: EXPERIMENTATION: If I change up my exercise, do my sugar levels stabilize?  Any better with a lower heart rate, different muscles, different time of day, etc?  Any better if I eat more fibre/fat/protein in a meal or cook the carbs differently or eat less of them?  Any better with blood sugar balancing supplements?

I absolutely love walking patients through this process as it is so informative.  If you’re interested, book a follow-up.


#2: Chelation therapy

Another heart smart option to consider for diabetes is chelation therapy.  In 2012, the TACT1 study was completed and found a significant reduction in cardiac events in diabetic patients treated with disodium EDTA chelation.

In this study, patients received up to 40 infusions – but the results were very convincing, the EDTA diabetic group had a reduced mortality of 43% vs. placebo.  If you’ve ever considered chelation – bring it up with your chelation-certified Naturopathic doctor.  We’d be happy to see if you’re a candidate and to discuss the protocols for you.  We have IV suites located in both Fort Langley and White Rock for your convenience.

Dr. Nicole Duffee, ND

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