Light Bladder Leakage

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Top 5 Ways for Women to Deal With Light Bladder Leakage
By Dr. Michelle Willis ND

I am passionate about improving women’s quality of life. As women, we go through so many transitions in our lives: hormonally, physically & emotionally. Here are my top 5 solutions.

1. Optomize your Estrogen levels: low estrogen levels can lead to weak vaginal tissue & lower collagen levels, thus contributing to bladder leakage. https://www.integratedhealthclinic.comdoctors/dr-michelle-willis-nd/

2. Pelvic Floor Physio: I recommend Diane Lee & Associates. They will provide you with thorough examination, diagnosis & specific exercises to support your pelvic floor.

3. Poise: Makes pads & liners designed for urine. Impressa is another product that is inserted in the vagina to support the urethra.

4. Chiropractic Medicine, Pilates & Massage: Having a balanced pelvis & pelvic floor is also essential. My favorite practitioners are Rice Family Chiropractic & Spark Massage.,

5. Incontilase Vaginal Laser Therapy: which has been well researched & shows: 94% of women reported that their bladder leakage improved significantly after 120 days and 68% were completely free of leakage! https://www.integratedhealthclinic.comservice/incontinence/

Bladder leakage is a quality of life issue that can be helped. Women usually struggle the most after birthing babies, at menopause &bio also right before their periods. If you are having issues with this there is so much support out there for you. You just have to reach out. Take the steps, you are worth it!

For more information on IncontiLase call Dr. Michelle Willis ND at 604-888-8325

Michelle Willis, ND

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