Lost That Loving Feeling?

Lost That Loving Feeling? Now, There’s Hope an Improved Sex Life!

You love your life, now love an improved sex life. You’re satisfied with your job, your family and your friends. And you have no complaints regarding your love life… well, that’s not exactly true. You may share a deep and meaningful affection with your partner, but that unfortunately doesn’t mean that you’re completely satisfied all of the time (if at all).

About that…

According to a recent survey from HealthyWomen and Working Mother magazine, a whopping 62% of women report being unsatisfied with their sex lives. While the survey also reported that 41% of women consistently climax during sexual activity, it appears that this figure was due more to self-satisfaction than partner-induced. The potential reasons for this are many—from self-consciousness and lack of comfort with one’s partner to an actual physical issue. And, as with any health-related concern, the key to finding a solution is to address the problem from multiple angles. Of course, the mental-emotional aspect cannot be overlooked, but it is also true that (very!) many healthy, emotionally-supportive relationships are seriously lacking in the bedroom. Hormonal changes, including those occurring during peri-menopause and menopause, often contribute to diminished sexual satisfaction. Increased dryness and vaginal atrophy (thinning of the vaginal lining) can not only decrease sensation during intercourse, but also lead to outright pain and discomfort. And while some women turn to hormone-based therapies to alleviate these concerns, many others feel that the increased risk of several concerns (including breast cancer and stroke) outweigh the therapeutic benefits.

For those wanting to enjoy an improved sex life without the risks, there is now a safe, effective treatment option: Incontilase non-invasive laser therapy. Research-proven to increase sensation and friction during intercourse in 97% of women, improve orgasms in 57%, and increase number of orgasms in 14%. It’s time to bring back that loving feeling.

Dynamis laser

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By. Dr. Michelle Willis, ND

*data presented in J.LA7HA 2012(1), 46-58

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