Colds & Flus

Same Day Acute Care Service

Same Day Acute Care Naturopathic Doctors at Integrated Health Clinic are equipped to diagnose and treat your illness naturally when possible, and with pharmaceuticals prescriptions when indicated.  (All our Naturopathic Doctors are trained and licensed to prescribe an extensive list of prescription medications.)

We give excellent care for infections including bacterial, fungal and viral, and other illnesses that are abrupt, rapidly progressing, and in need of same day care. Some of the common conditions we see for acute appointments are:

common cold/ flus,
ear infections,
sore throats,
skin rashes,
bladder infections, and

Integrated Health Clinic is now your Naturopathic destination for Same Day Acute Care Services.  Let us help you find your way to feeling better while avoiding the frustrating wait times at walk-in clinics.

Please Note – This visit is not intended to replace a 911 call or a visit to the Emergency Room for urgent health issues such as heart attack, severe trauma, serious cuts/wounds, etc.

Interested? If so, call Integrated Health Clinic @ 604-888-8325 for more information.

Or click here to request an appointment online:  Book Same Day Acute Care Appointment

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