IUD Insertions/Removals


Integrated Health Clinic offers women safe and effective birth control options including Intrauterine Devices (IUD). The IUD program is under the direction of Dr. Karen Parmar, ND, and co-founder of Integrated Health ClinicTM. Dr. Parmar will manage your care from initial consultation, through the insertion procedure, to follow-up.

Your Body On IUD Birth Control

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Why an IUD?

IUD’s are used around the world as primary birth control options. They are 99% effective in preventing pregnancy and Copper IUDs are over 99% effective as an emergency contraceptive up to 7 days after unprotected sex. PlanB (2 pills) is 60% effective and works best before 72 hours (3 days). IUD’s give 3-10 years of protection and once removed, fertility returns. They are cost effective, and once in place, offer couples greater protection without the hassle of condoms or side effects of hormones like the birth control pill.

How is it Inserted?

IUD-2An IUD is best to insert between Day 3- Day 15 of your cycle. Your cervix is naturally more open during this time, which makes for an easier insertion. At Integrated Health Clinic, a transvaginal ultrasound is done first to locate and visualize the shape of your uterus. It also ensures that you don’t have any structural abnormality which would exclude you as a candidate for an IUD. After that, the doctor inserts a speculum, much like the beginning of a Pap test. Some freezing is applied to your cervix and then the depth of your uterus is measured. You will experience a little pinching and cramping at this time and during the insertion to follow. It generally takes less than 10 minutes from beginning to end. It is advisable that you take 400mg of Ibuprofen 1 hour prior to the appointment to minimize your discomfort. After the IUD is inserted, another ultrasound is preformed to ensure the IUD is in correct placement within your uterus. You will be asked to remain in the clinic for 20-30 minutes post insertion.

What are the potential side effects?

The initial side effects are cramping and spotting. The spotting can last from 1 day to 10-14 days. The cramping usually doesn’t extend past a few days. Infection is a risk that would present within the first 2 weeks. If you are at higher risk for infection (i.e. several sexual partners within the past year), than a one time dose of antibiotics will be given after your insertion. Perforation of the uterus happens in 1/1200 people. This would be detected on your post procedure ultrasound. A referral to your local hospital would be necessary to remove it. The uterus would mend itself within a few weeks, with no impairment to future fertility. Copper IUD’s can cause 30-50% heavier periods. 5% of women will expel the IUD within the first year. With Jaydess and Mirena hormonal IUD’s, 5% will have hormonal side effects, however they will likely lose their menstrual cycle or experience much less bleeding and cramping then even prior to the IUD.  Copper IUD’s traditionally have a nickel core, which can cause local irritation in those women with nickel sensitivity. In 2019, a copper IUD with a silver core was approved by Health Canada. It is hypothesized that the silver core IUD may cause less inflammation and bleeding in those nickel sensitive women. Integrated Health Clinic offers the choice of silver core copper IUD and the standard nickel core copper IUD.

How do I know what IUD is Right for me?

If you are not being referred from your physician, you can call and book an IUD consult with Dr. Karen Parmar N.D. She will review your medical history and help you decide whether and IUD is right for you, and which one best suits your health. This is a 15 minute visit and can be booked by calling (604)888-8325. If a Kyleena or Mirena IUD is prescribed than you will have to take the prescription to a local pharmacy to obtain the IUD. You then bring the IUD unopened to the clinic for your insertion appointment. Copper IUD’s are kept on hand with no prescription necessary.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of the IUD’s vary depending on the type. All copper IUD’s are $65.00. Kyleena and Mirena IUDs are prescriptions and sell for around $350.00 and $400.00 respectively. Often times the hormone IUDs are covered under personal insurance plans. You would need to check with your insurance provider. All potential IUD insertion patients require a 15 minute IUD telephone screening ($25.00) to discuss options, receive necessary prescriptions, and preparation instructions. Regardless of the IUD type, the insertion fee at IHC is $115.00.

How Long Can it Stay in for?

There are several Health Canada Approved IUD’s. The following chart lists those approved IUD’s that are offered and inserted at IHC.

  • Liberte UT 380 Short – 5yrs
  • Liberte UT 380 Short – 5yrs (silver core)
  • Liberte UT 380 Standard – 10yrs
  • Liberte TT 380 Short – 5yrs
  • Liberte TT 380 Standard – 10 yrs
  • Kyleena (19.5mg levonorgestrel) – 5yrs
  • Mirena (50mg levonorgestrel) – 5yrs

We encourage you to visit Integrated Health Clinic to meet with Dr. Karen Parmar and learn more about this treatment. Please call Integrated Health Clinic at (604)888-8325 to make an appointment.