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Turning Back the Clock

Turning Back the Clock: A Guide to Healthier, More Youthful-Looking Skin.

They say that “youth is wasted on the young”. However, it is equally valid (though more technical and decidedly less catchy) to say that “collagen is wasted on the young”. But what exactly is collagen?

Simply put, collagen is the glue responsible for maintaining the shape, function and durability of much of our bodies (its very name is derived from the Greek kola, “glue”). The most prevalent protein in the human body, this compound resides in between the cells of our skin, bones, joints, blood vessels, and pretty much everywhere else to some degree. However, for the purposes of this article’s initial bitterness towards the youth of today, we will be discussing the collagen found in the skin.

As we age, our natural levels of collagen production begin to dip, producing 1% less collagen each year after the age of twenty. For many individuals, this yearly decrease takes some time to really become apparent, though various lifestyle (ex. smoking, stress), environmental (ex. pollution, sun exposure) and genetic (ex. hereditary) factors can certainly speed up the process. Invariably, however, we eventually all fall victim to the visible impact of collagen depletion, in the form of decreased skin softness, thickness and firmness, and the emergence of wrinkles.

So are we forced to either subject ourselves to harsh chemicals/radical surgery or simply look in the mirror and accept this slow, inevitable loss of a once-vibrant, youthful look? (spoiler alert: this article would really be wasting your time if the answer was “yes”).

Dynamis laser


Of course, one must not look past the importance of lifestyle factors such as proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep and stress management. But when these alone do not yield the desired results, there is an answer. 3D Smooth Lifting is a gentle, effective laser treatment that addresses visual signs of aging on the face and neck, stimulating collagen production to bring back the soft, glowing skin you once knew. Better yet, treatment results typically last up to 18 months (especially when the aforementioned lifestyle modifications are incorporated).

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By. Dr. Michelle Willis, ND

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