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Are You and Your Children Taking Enough Vitamin D for Our Dark Canadian Winters?

Most Canadians realize that they should take vitamin D in the winter but how much is the right amount. In 2017, new analysis of the data suggests that recommended daily allowances of vitamin D should be increased. Published in the Journal of Preventative Medicine and Public Heath, “The Big Vitamin D Mistake” hopes to catch the attention of policy makers to promote better health practices. The proposed adult daily intake (food + supplements) is 8000IU for adults. Most adults do not consume this much – but how exactly this affects your mood and overall health is unique to each person. Requirements can also vary depending on how much sun exposure a person receives throughout the year.

Are you wondering whether you’re taking enough? Book a visit with your naturopathic physician to request annual Vitamin D testing. A personalized recommendation will go a long way to making this holiday season a little more merry.

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For more information, go to Papadimitriou DT. Journal of Preventive Medicine Public Health. 2017.

By. Dr. Nicole Duffee, ND

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